Thank you! Since the inception of the Barista Battery Recycle Program three years ago, we have collected literally tens upon tens of thousands of vape batteries. Thank you for joining us on this mission to foster an eco-friendly vape community! Much love!

Unfortunately, due to increasing cost factors to recycle these submissions, we can no longer incentivize the program at its current rate of twenty-five barista bucks reward per lithium battery.

As of January 1st, 2024, battery submissions will be incentivized with a reduced ten barista bucks reward ($0.10 value) per lithium battery.

Recycle your vape batteries at The Cloud Barista and earn Barista Bucks!

Let's all do our part to encourage an Eco-friendly Vape Community!

It is more important than ever for solutions for vapers and the disposal of rechargeable lithium batteries.

As a special incentive for all our clients, current and future, we will credit your Cloud Barista account with ten barista bucks ($0.10 value) for every battery/device accepted into the program.

- All batteries accepted will be submitted by Cloud Barista for recycling or proper disposal.
- Batteries must be submitted in person. We can not receive submissions by mail.
- Cloud Barista reserves the right to refuse a battery submission at our discretion.

Program Accepted Batteries

Disposable/Closed Pod Batteries
All Major Brands Accepted
Mr. Fog, STLTH, Vuse, Vice, Geek Bar, G-Core, Elf Bar, Ezzy Oval, etc...

Common Vape IMR Rechargeable Batteries
All Major Brands Accepted
Samsung, Hohmtech, Lg, Sony, Sanyo, IMREN, etc.

All vape related battery sizes accepted
18350, 18650, 20700, 21700, 26650, etc.

Internal Battery Mods/Pens
We will as well accept internal battery mods and pen vapes with expired lithium batteries.


Feel free to drop by or give us a ring with any questions or concerns.

Cloud Barista Vape Shop
153 St. Anne's Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba